Emma was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor 3 months after birth. Doctors stated that she would not live to be age one and that we should enjoy what little time we have. As you can imagine we were shocked. Our family joined together leaning on God’s help. Only he knows how many days one actually has. Amazingly Emma has been beating the odds. In her first year, Emma did decline, losing weight each week and fading, however, she never gave up, she seemed to enjoy life each day laughing, giving invaluable hugs and most of all, her love. It was at this point we knew she was not going to give up the fight and the doctors could be wrong. Today the tumor is still there and as a result caused her blindness, speech impediment, and basic mobile skills are lower than kids her age. All this said she is progressing daily. Today she is breaking through, learning to walk and improving her communication skills through speech and sign language. She is even learning to read Braille! Emma can get around the house pretty well and can even set herself to the dinner table or come to the front door when we are leaving. It may take her some time, but she is a blessing! It was through divine intervention and intense therapy programs that Emma has been beating the odds. If you have been a part of this from the beginning or recently, on behalf of our family we want to personally thank you for your kind support and outreach to help Emma. For updates on her progress visit:
www.caringbridge.org/fl/emma or